Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts

Creating a Community of Sustainability Together

Teaching Rock Guardian

Feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Nothing left to give?

Join LIFE as Medicine: Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts for a guided arts-based restorative healing journey exploring natural wellness metaphors, through story, song, ceremony, and art.

Our holistic Teachings emphasize several interwoven pathways:

  • Empowering our Lived Experiences.
  • Being grounded in Indigenous spiritualities.
  • Recognizing healing processes as interwoven with change in systems & structures.
  • Re-establishing our interdependence as Earth relatives and protectors

Who might benefit? Helpers, Social Workers, Teachers, Caregivers, Grassroots Activists, Therapists, Frontline Agency staff, Nurses, Addictions Counsellors, Artists

Monday, June 12th 2023, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Old School Community Gathering PlaceĀ 
7962 Hwy 7
Musquodoboit Harbour, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia

  • Pre-registration encouraged.
  • There is no cost for this event.
  • Register via the form below.
  • All materials provided.
  • No previous experience with artistic expression required.
  • Lunch included.
  • Maximum 40 participants.