Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts

Felting Feeling Faces

September 25, 2023 ~ 10am - 4pm

Facilitated by Manitoba Métis Artist/Art Therapist Chris Larsen

Discover the Art of Needlefelting

The Old School
7962 Hwy 7, Musquodoboit Harbour Nova Scotia (Google Map)
$100 (sliding scale available)
Materials and lunch provided.
Open to 20 participants.

No experience is necessary. Needlefelting is a fairly easy art to learn and create. You use one needle with barbs on the end to poke the wool fibres together (dry felting), blending the colours like you would painting. You use wool rovings (unspun wool) and poke it into a piece of wool blanket which is laying on top of a 2-3” piece of foam 12”x12”.

Creating a face is quite fun! It’s easier if you don’t know the face so you just enjoy the process instead of stressing over it not looking like the individual. Or you can do a self-portrait and have a lovely time creating your own version of yourself.

Felting Feeling Faces Illustration