Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts

World Art Therapy Conference 2023

We were honoured to be part of this event, held February 4-5, 2023. The event was virtual (online) and we contributed opening and closing ceremonies, as well as a session.

Videos of all three of these events can be viewed below.

Opening Ceremony

Opening of WAT (10m 23s) includes opening prayer by Jean Tait and EcoBricolage by Fyre Jean Graveline for setting intentions of our time together at the World Art Therapy Conference.

Life as Medicine Session

LAM Session (1h 17m 44s) is lengthier and introduces four key collaborators Fyre Jean Graveline, Jean Tait, Chris Larsen and Louisa Lamothe, and includes video footage and testimonials of some LAM Offerings, like our day on ReMatriation for CATA and our Me as Tree: We as Forest land based offering in Nova Scotia.

Closing Ceremony

Closing of WAT (27m 35s) shows Fyre Jean Graveline returning to the opening EcoBricolage and setting intentions for our time post WAT Gathering: how important it is to bring the light of healing arts to the world at this time.

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