We are a circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Creative and Expressive Arts Therapists who are envisioning and enacting, reviving and promoting Collaborative Relational Healing Arts with Indigenous Peoples, our Communities and our Allies.

Promoting transformative healing arts by, for and with Indigenous Peoples and Allies through education, social advocacy and relational experiential creative experiences.

Our Purpose

Promoting Transformative Healing Arts by, for and with Indigenous Peoples and our Allies through Education, Social Advocacy and Relational Experiential Creative Experiences. We are a Circle of First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Ally Creative and Expressive Arts Therapists who are envisioning and enacting, reviving and promoting Collaborative Relational Healing Arts within and between Indigenous Peoples and Communities and our existing Educational and Service Structures.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team launched the first-ever Indigenized Art Therapy and Indigenized Expressive Arts diplomas in Canada in 2020, in collaboration with an established learning institution, Winnipeg Holistic Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. With over 50 years of combined experience, our Indigenous Collaborative Circle is eager to lead the way for future generations to bring Healing Arts to our communities in ways that honour traditional knowledge, knowledge keepers and land -based practices.

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Our Core Team

• Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline MSW, RSW, RCAT
• Jean Tait RCAT
• Jen Vivian MA


Radical Recovery Summit 2024
Radical Recovery Summit | January 12-21, 2024

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline is an honoured speaker in the 8th annual Radical Recovery Summit, sharing about LIFE as Medicine, her art and activism, educational and religious trauma, and walking softly on the earth.



Promotion of Healing Arts by, for and with Indigenous Peoples and Allies through:

  • Education
  • Service Provision
  • Social Advocacy
  • Relational experiential creative action
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Educational and Healing opportunities for Indigenous and Ally peoples , including post-secondary training, that integrates Indigenous Healing Arts (including Expressive Arts, Art Therapy and Eco-Arts)
  • Consultation services
  • Indigenous Arts-Based Learning and Healing Opportunities to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Organizations who offer services for and with Indigenous Peoples to assist in program transformation and to enhance sustainability for all involved
  • Provision of scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to Indigenous and Ally students studying the Healing Arts who may not be eligible for post-secondary educational funding or supports

In recognition of the ongoing colonial legacies arising from the Indian Residential Schools, Day Schools and Sixties Scoop we seek to address current challenges and resiliencies through Service and Training and providing trauma integrating services to:

  • Survivors and Descendants, acknowledging that expressed needs are specific to individuals, families and communities, and the specifics of Lived Experiences.
  • Indigenous children or youth, acknowledging the continued disproportional representation of Indigenous children in child welfare services.
  • Indigenous women and girls, acknowledging the high levels of violence, mortality, and specific structural vulnerabilities they have experienced.
  • Two-Spirited, Gender fluid, Trans Gendered, IndigiQueer Peoples, acknowledging high rates of suicide completion of our young people in Northern Communities.

Help Us Enable Our Vision

Life As Medicine Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts is evolving towards creating a fully-Indigenized experience of training and transforming within the Healing Arts. We intend to create a national Indigenous-led school, including all Indigenous faculty and elder-supported delivery of training in Indigenous Healing Arts. We are seeking funds for start-up costs, including an administrative position to assist in completing a feasibility study, creating a business plan, and supporting registration federally and provincially as a Private Vocational Training Institute.

Financing Sought: $200,000

  • $50,000 administrative position
  • $10,000 start-up costs (registration/marketing)
  • $25,000 in scholarships for Indigenous students
  • $75,000 bond for start-up of Indigenous healing arts school
  • $40,000 for support services for Indigenous students in the Healing Arts (including counselling services, writing services, elders, advocacy services).

If you or your organization or community would like to connect for conversation about:

  • how we can generate Healing Arts services and/or training specifically tailored to your needs
  • shared Vision possibilities of collaborating in offerings together
  • resources or skills that would be supportive to this emerging vision

Please contact fyrejean, Jean or Jen by email.