Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts

Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, RSW, RCAT

Fyre Jean Graveline 2

Fyre is a two-spirited resilient survivor, a Métis Grandmother, healer, heARTist, activist, and educator.

Fyre specialises in creating a sustainable expressive arts healing practice through an Indigenous, eco-arts-based lens.

Working in education and social work for over forty years, she/they have consistently challenged individuals and organisations to examine their oppressive, eurocentric, patriarchal attitudes and practices.

Fyre is the author of Circle Works: Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness (Fernwood 1998) and Healing Wounded Hearts (Fernwood 2005).

Still emerging is the newest book LIFE as Medicine: Creating TransFormative Change. Being a knowledge keeper and community activist, Fyre Jean is an incredibly powerful and grounding person to talk with.