Circle of Indigenous Healing Arts

Collaborative EagleVision

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Join us for a multi-layered arts-based experience grounded in Indigenous ceremonial knowledges, inspiring reflection, growth, and healing.

Healing our Fragmentation: ReImagining our Interdependence

Unfrozen Liliami Sm

Opening remarks from Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline (MSW/RCAT)​ We are all here on a healing journey​ Click here for more information and to register for an upcoming session for Healing our Fragmentation: ReImagining our InterDependence.

2023 Recap

Mixed media artwork of a woman gently cradling a small being in her hands while surrounded by vibrant flowers.

We are approaching the winter solstice, a magical time of new beginnings to welcome Grandfather Sun’s energy to move us forward.

Interview with Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen 2

Chris is a Métis artist and art therapist living along the Boyne River in Manitoba. The Métis peoples have a long history in Boyne River, where they settled along the river and were removed from the land. Chris feels very close to the river and it inspires her and her art.

World Art Therapy Conference 2023

LIFE as Medicine Opening Ceremony World Art Therapy Conference 2023

We were honoured to be part of this event, held February 4-5, 2023. The event was virtual (online) and we contributed opening and closing ceremonies, as well as a session. Videos of all three of these events can be viewed in the blog post.